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    I am thinking maybe diced zucchini and something for the acid. This might just work. I am totally trying it tomorrow or Friday

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    After a 12-hour IF, I fancied eating. I over-indulged a lot, though...

    I struggled to finish this. Halfway through the dish I had to WORK my way to an empty plate. Took at least half an hour!

    2 salmon fillets with lemon and dill
    Peas, carrots, green beans, cauliflower florets
    1 large onion, chopped
    4 boiled eggs, sliced
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    We had Everyday Paleo's Chili Verde with a side of collards cooked with bacon and onion

    (this is basically what it looked like, but the pic is from two weeks ago when we had the Chili Verde with kale/bacon/onion)
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    We had a burger served on a bed of sautee'd portabella & wilted spinach. It's my favorite weekday dinner because it takes all of 10 minutes.

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    I need to start taking food pictures! I made a beautiful and insanely delicious, cream of mushroom soup yesterday, and I don't like mushrooms. It started as a craving for my mom's pot roast (roast, 2 cans cream of mushroon soup, 2 envelopes of beefy onion soup mix), not healthy. I decided to make my own soup - very easy. My son stole a bowl for himself before I could store it, he totally inhaled it (no kidding, he thinks he inhaled a piece of mushroom - better keep an eye on him for the next few days!) Divided it between 2 containers, one to freeze, and one for today. Threw my grass fed chuck roast w/some carrots in the crockpot, piled the soup on top - it smells like a foodgasm in the house right now! Can't wait to try it and see how it compares to the unhealthy version.

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    Mussels in a coconut curry sauce. Pan seared skin on sockeye salmon with yellow, purple and green carrots, mushrooms, leeks and red pepper oven roasted.............
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    Yum. This all looks so delicious! Tonight's dinner will be pork chops that have been marinating in a homemade Korean-style bulgogi sauce for a couple of days. Will grill them up and serve with my Asian-style marinated cucumber salad (basically sliced cukes, onion, white wine vinegar, a touch of honey, salt, pepper, olive oil, a splash of toasted sesame oil and a little red chile flake) and probably come kimchee. Might sautee some broccoli and garlic in sesame oil to go with it. We're in the mood for spicy tonight!

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    Cauliflower "rice" sauteed in butter with sliced tri tip steak on top and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar... yum!

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    -2 wild caught Boston Mackerel (baked; the skin was lightly toasted) with onions/garlic/salt/oregano/black pepper, with lots of pasture butter on top. OMG! It was so delicious! I urge all of you to try Spanish/Boston Mackerels. It's my favorite fish!

    - BAS (with organic mixed greens, raw red onions, organic celery, cherry tomatoes, hass avocado, organic extra virgin olive, and red cinder apple vinegar/balsamic vinegar.

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    chicken wings in franks red hot sauce and some baby greens.

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