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Thread: Brown Cow yogurt

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    Brown Cow yogurt

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    Does anyone know if it's made from grass-fed cows' milk? It doesn't say anywhere on the label or their website, so I'm assuming it's not. I love their full-fat plain yogurt but I'm reluctant to buy it because I'm unsure about this.

    I've been eating a lot of Wallaby plain low fat yogurt because it comes from pasture-based farms and is cheap, but they don't offer a full-fat variety. It's a damn shame because the low-fat version sure is tasty; I can only imagine what a full fat version would taste like.

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    i doubt it's grass fed. if you can get seven stars brand, iirc it is grass-fed and is pretty yummy. alternatively, the brown cow yogurt works really well as a yogurt starter, and the resulting yogurt is thick like brown cow.

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    Erivan and Hawthorne Valley are the two best that I know of. Seven Stars is good, but not quite the taste or quality of these two unique yogurt products.

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    If anyone lives in the Philadelphia area try to find Pequea Valley Farms Yogurt - it is excellent - grassfed antibiotic-free hormone-free. I know it's available as far from Philly as Chambersburg PA because Trickling Springs Dairy distributes it. An internet search may turn up other sources. There is a store near Chesapeake City, MD that carries it and the farmers market in Middletown, DE. This stuff has the cream on top when you first open it.

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