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Thread: Carb cravings in the winter

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    Carb cravings in the winter

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    Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all doing fine in the cold (especially if you're in the NE U.S.) I have been pretty comfortable eating primally for about 6 months now. I live in Texas and I seem to have gotten over my sugar cravings for quite some time.....until this week, when our warm texas weather turned to 19 degrees. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea as to why my sugar cravings might be increasing (quite a bit) at this time. I am pretty sure it has to do with the weather. Is there any scientific basis for this? Sorry if this is a repeat post. Thanks for your help!


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    I just finished eating my sweet potato with butter for dinner, and raided the office candy drawer earlier. No idea why, but we're in the same boat.
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