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Thread: Calories

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    Overall, how many calories is it good to aim for? I try to keep low carb, but the calories, according to FitDay, can still stack up alarmingly. What is a good average?


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    depends on your goals, current weight and activity level - here is some fun equations for ya:

    Personally I never tracked calories - but I had a lot of fat to loose when I started eating primal

    Edit - heres a calculator you can just plug metrics into:
    once you have your Basal Metabolic rate you can find your daily calorie need here:
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    A lot of people say it is hard to have a sufficiently nutritious diet eating under 2000 calories per day. I usually get around that number and more if I am exercising.

    I guess it depends on your height, weights, goals, physical activity etc but around 2000 calories seems reasonable as a starting point and work around it and see how you feel.
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