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Thread: Question: How do you cook Goat Meat

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    Question: How do you cook Goat Meat

    HELP !
    We have learned that Goat Meat is extremely difficult to cook. The result is always chewy, stringy & difficult to chew. We have tried everything we can think of.
    * Bake it long & slow
    * boiled it first, then bake it
    * cook it 24 hours in a crock pot
    * fry it
    * Cook in a pressure cooker
    * aged if for a week in the fridge before cooking
    * soak it in buttermilk in fridge all night before cooking
    The goat we butchered was only 6 months old.

    What are we doing wrong? What is the SECRET to cooking goat so it is not chewy & stringy? At this point it seems to be MISSION IMPOSSIBLE !

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