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Thread: Question: How do you cook Goat Meat

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    we get wild goat here. how was it killed? i do know stressed meat is tough and i do know domestic goats are way smarter than sheep. i have had friends have them escape when the butcher was coming for example. also if it isnt chilled down quick enough that can make it tough. in terms of cooking, i usually just cook it like mutton. have you tried steaking and bashing it with a meat tenderiser?

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    To me, goat is pretty much always chewy. It's a pretty gamey meat... I think I still have some stuck in my teeth. :/

    I wrap it in tinfoil coated in marinade (last night was maple/balsamic) I put it in the oven at 250 degrees Celsius for twenty five minutes. Tis is good because, at the ten minute mark, you can put in sweet potato chips as well to accompany it.

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    Was it hung at all?
    I've had good things from Shawarma recipes done in the slow cooker Ottolenghi & Tamimi’s Lamb Shawarma phoenikia

    How are you carving the meat? Across the grain I hope?

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    The big difference is between goat and chevon. Chevon, the meat of a kid, is very tender and juicy, loved by restaurants, easy to cook, and much more expensive than the meat of a full grown goat . It's like the difference between beef and veal, or mutton and lamb. The meat of an old ram actually stinks with testosterone. I disagree about the breed, the breed makes no difference.

    My daughter, while in 4H, had a Championship herd of milking La Mancha does. I ended up as club and then County Goat Leader. (I always thought that was better then my friend who was County Pig Leader.) Now when a doe has kids, the females are raised for milk, but for the males there was no market in So. Cal. at all. I felt very badly for the children whose does birthed male kids. Their projects lost money and they got a bad grade.

    So I started a Chevon meat market at Fair Time. I contacted fancy restaurants in L.A. and S.D. and they all wanted chevon. After the Fair the chevon meat was delivered to the restaurants that had placed an order. They loved it. They had prepared special menus for this event. BUT, as they had their menus all printed up, they wanted more and more chevon. I told them there was no more, but they insisted. Long story short, I ended up buying herds of goats from the desert, wild goats. These took a lots more cooking and special preparation, but there were no complaints from the restaurants. The Swift & Co. agreed to close down their local Lamb Plant for a day and process our Chevon, for a low fee. But this was really a great gift from them, because the entire Lamb Plant had to cleaned and sterilized both before and after the Chevon processing.

    Every year for 4 years I went through this nonsense. All the children had profitable goat projects. All the restaurants were happy. I was really glad when my daughter sold her herd.
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    good info to me,thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    Not adding enough iodine.

    well played

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