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Thread: Hominy - not so bad?

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    Hominy - not so bad?

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    Hominy, while made from corn, is treated with a process called nixtamalization, where it is treated with a caustic solution. This makes it more digestible and nutritious. Plus, it is a major ingredient of posole, which I love.

    Where do you think hominy falls with regards to its primal-ness?

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    Not. Sorry.

    It's a grass that has been bred for human consumption and therefore cannot be PB. You have to understand, this breaks my heart as a native New Mexican. I love my posole.

    Maybe reserve it for those rare cheats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmcc View Post
    where it is treated with a caustic solution. This makes it more digestible and nutritious.
    Originally I would have written "no" because corn is a grain. I think caustic solutions fall into the avoid poisonous things category.

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    Nixtamalization is just the process used for making cornmeal for tortillas, etc. Everything we eat has been bred for human consumption, including grass fed cows. I eat a few tortillas per week. And tamales for a once in a while treat.
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