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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    Alright. In terms of orgasmic birth, just do a google search. There are lots of theories as to how this happens, but I can tell you that the first 8 hrs -- had a lot of off-and-on orgasms, which was awesome. I mean, it was what it was.

    I don't know what creates this outcome, except possibly having the neurology to support it (i.e., high thresholds of pain?) plus also being healthy and, perhaps, relaxed enough to experience it. It might also be helpful if you believe that a pleasurable birth is possible, because I think that holds a lot of people back, honestly, from experiencing it.
    Oh, that's OK. I have been shocked after googling certain words which were not as obvious as "orgasm." I'm not having any more children, so it's cool. Thanks.
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    Decided on a change of mind. Started sleeping in nighties, and that has helped my attitude towards feeling sexy. I like how I look in them, and how they are silky and slinky in the bed.

    Also went clothes shopping with DD yesterday and tried on clothes for hours. Really love how I am looking in them. I fill things out in a great way. Still want to lose some weight, but I am really happy with where I am right now.

    I know it is all in my head, and years of growing up with parents who killed my self esteem. Time to reprogram how I see myself and enjoy my inner sex goddess. Plan to take a few hours each Saturday to try on clothes in different stores and enjoy my body.

    Thanks for this 'sexy' thread. Made me really think about how I view myself.

    Life is good!
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    Thanks for the inspiration, a Kris T!
    I think I'll head out in search of cute pjs later. I also have fun trying on clothes again, I've missed that! I really need a bathing suit, but Idk if that would not be as much fun:/
    Hope you had a fun Saturday Shopping yesterday!

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