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    I think it looks great. I wonder what my PCM will think

    Lipid Profile Site/Specimen 01 Feb 2011 0852 Units Ref Rng
    Glucose SERUM 87 mg/dL (74-106)
    Cholesterol SERUM 219 (H) mg/dL (100-199)
    Triglyceride SERUM 38 mg/dL (35-160)
    HDL Cholesterol SERUM 60 mg/dL (36-60)
    Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol SERUM 3.7 (0-5)
    LDL Cholesterol SERUM 135.0 (H) mg/dL (0-130)

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    Great job. Don't see how you could get any grief from the conventional medical folks with these numbers.

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    Great numbers Meg. Gotta be type a with that HDL and trigs
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