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Thread: anyone take digestive enzymes

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    anyone take digestive enzymes

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    Does anyone out there take digestive enzymes with their meals?
    I find that at times after eating a big meal, the food seems to sit in my stomach longer then i wanted to.
    Any recommendations out there on a good brand and best way to take it.... thanx

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    Here is a useful MDA thread:


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    I keep some on hand in case I get indigestion (usually from eating too much nut butter.) I buy mine from

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    yes, the Now brand w/oxbile. (no gallbladder)

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    Where does the science stand on these things? I'm only finding mixed results with google and scholar, do they actually help improve digestion? Can they hurt if taken with already good digestion? I've heard the body produces most enzymes quite easily (also wondering what damages/depletes this system)

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