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    How to drink Coconut Milk?

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    Yes, I realize you open your mouth and pour it in But I'm wondering how much you guys typically drink in a sitting, or in a day, and whether or not you water it down. I just poured the whole can into a cup and started drinking. Although it tastes good, it seemed too thick so I poured water in the rest.

    So what's the preferred way to drink this stuff? I realize it'll be different for everyone, but do people typically drink a whole can in a day, or half a can? What's the split between coconut milk and water if you are supposed to water it down?


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    I don't. I use about half a can a day in a smoothie.
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    I use it liberally in coffee and tea as a nondairy creamer. I go through about a can a day. I don't know if that's a healthy amount of TroPO--it could be too much.

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    In coffee
    In smoothies with berries and whey protein once in a while.

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    I have a 1/4 or a 1/3rd of a cup when I feel like it - I just drink it by itself after a meal, or eat it with berries, but I haven't had it at all in a while. I think I'd like to start using it in curries.

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    If I drink it straight up, I usually have about a half a cup.

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    I like to mix the full fat coconut milk with club soda, or Perrier, and lime juice, stir it up and drink the fizzy, creamy concoction with a straw. If you wanted to be fancy you could add some sweetener like stevia or whey low.
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    I use it in my smoothies or with blueberries. The only time I drink it straight out of the glass is when I buy a carton of So Delicious coconut milk which is watered down quite a bit so that it has a similar consistency as milk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balance View Post
    I use it in my smoothies or with blueberries.
    Same, and with veggies like chard and even the infrequent sweet potato.

    I personally don't drink it straight, though.
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    Even though I like the taste of coconut, the milk is thick enough that it's hard for me to take. I love a couple of tablespoons in my coffee though! I switched from dairy creamer a few weeks ago, and I love it. Also, I use coconut milk in creamy soups like a yummy carrot ginger one I made a couple weeks ago. Very creamy & yummy.

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