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Thread: Anthony's Adventure Back To Wellbeing

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    Anthony's Adventure Back To Wellbeing

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    Anthony's Adventure Back To Well-being.

    1/31/11 Ė I woke up this morning, which is a good thing. Itís always good to start the day out on a positive note.

    Other than that, I am completely disgusted with myself. I hate the way I look, hate the way I feel, hate the way I donít do anything good to help myself improve any of the above. Something has to change before my first statement is not true and I donít wake up.

    A little bit of background. From October 1994 up until 2001, I ate healthy, (according to CW). I was going thru a divorce from my first wife and it was time to start fresh. I quit smoking; 2-3 packs a day, cold turkey. I got clean and still am. Life was different. I became a gym rat, in the gym every day. What is more amazing, I was in the gym by 5:00 A.M and to work by 7:00 A.M. Looked good, felt great, had endless stamina, could play all day. I enjoyed life.

    Then life changed, I had to take a second job, got out of the habit of working out. I started spending most of my day not only sitting in front of a computer at work, but at night also. And the end result is I became very unhealthy. I developed Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, triglycerides of over 1000. My weight ballooned from 200lbs to 330lbs in the last 10 years. I have managed over the last few years to somehow get back down to 308. Not sure how. Maybe it is due to ďtryingĒ to eat a little better (sometimes), and move a little more?

    I still had a gym membership, which was being wasted. I convinced myself ďI didnít like the atmosphere thereĒ so I didnít go. What was the resolution to that problem? I canceled that membership and joined another gym I was convinced I would go every day to. That lasted about a month. So in the last nine months it comes to $315.00 of wasted money.

    I came across Markís site back in March 2010. Read some, it sounded interesting, so I kept visiting. I bought the Primal Blueprint, read most of it. I bought the Primal Cookbook. I tried a few recipes. They were ok. In the beginning of August 2010, I decided to go primal. I was going to get healthy again. I started out great guns eating fats, bacon and eggs, stopped having dairy, tried eating more veggies, continued eating fruits which I have always loved, stopped drinking Diet Coke, frequenting fast food joints, ordering takeout. No need to name the types of places I ordered from, we all know them. Funny thing, after about 3 weeks, I started to feel good. The daily aches started to wane. The blood pressure came down. The blood sugars came down so far that the numbers hardly moved even after eating. I was getting to the gym 3-4 times a week. Walking, doing some core workouts. I was on my way.

    Then I got cocky. I started rewarding myself for my accomplishments. And we all know what happens when we do that. The rewards start to outnumber the healthy eating and we end up back where we started and in my case, gaining an additional 5lbs.

    This morning I decided I need to start over. I need to make myself accountable to me. I am going to attempt this journal thing. Keep track of my food, my workouts. I am going to head to the gym tonight after work, (the gym clothes have been in the car for about 3 weeks now) because I was going back to the gym. I can only chuckle at that.

    As far as preparing food, it is time I started doing it myself. God bless my wife who has been getting up every weekday morning for the last 3yrs to make my breakfast and lunch. Its time to give her the break she deserves.

    I am not a person prone to writing. But I am going to try to keep up with this journal. Thanks for reading.


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    Do or do not, there is no try. Make that your mantra and you will go far grasshopper.

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    Made it to the gym tonight. I walked for 40 minutes at 3 mph. Thats the most activity I've had in months. So I'm happy with that.

    Food for the day so far

    Breakfast - 3 scrambled eggs made with a little heavy cream, 2 slices of thick cut bacon. Wasn't uncured, I am finishing up what we have in the freezer. Handful of blueberries, 3 strawberries, black coffee

    Lunch - Homemade chili, made with 80/20 ground chuck, 3 slices of bacon, tomatoes, and spices, Small orange.

    Dinner - turkey sausage, celery stalks 2 with almond butter, and a handful of baby carrots. I'm sure I didn't get enough fat, but I think it was a good start.
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    I will hop on the scale first thing in the morning so I have a starting point. Last time I had the body fat checked it was 42%. Besides becoming healthier and fit, my other goal is to get off of as many of the meds I take that I can. And not having to use the cpap machine to get a good nights sleep. It will be a joy not having that mask on my head. Good night!

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    Good morning,

    Got on the scale this morning. My start weight is 307! Trying not to overwhelm myself with the amount I want to lose. My goal is 195. Not unrealistic, in my opinion. But I am not going to stress about it. One day at a time.

    Storm brewing again here in Ct again today. Not sure what that will mean later on as far as getting to the gym. Not sure how long I'll even stay at work. Got up and made my own breakfast and lunch for today. So far I've had black coffee. Not hungry yet. I will update later.

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    Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, 4 slices of thick cut Bacon, black coffee. I need to get veggies incorporated in breakfast. Already have a shopping list going for this weekend. Lunch was turkey sausage, plain celery stalks, handful of baby carrots, small orange.
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    Well day 2 is done. Dinner tonight was some London broiled, and a pile of steamed broccoli with butter and 6 almonds. Didn't make the gym but did walk the dog. I think it was a good day!

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    I'm on day 2 also . My husband put pre-washed baby spinach from a bag in our eggs the past two mornings, tonight I am going to pre-cook some mushrooms (not a veggie I guess, but tasty and healthy) to add the rest of the week. It's hard to deal with veggies in the morning! Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks shrona! You also keep up the I'm on my own here. The wife is doing WW and doing.good. She doesn't think primal is right but that's ok. I like pepper and mushrooms in my eggs in the morning so I'll stock upon them this weekend.
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    Hello Everyone,

    Well it's day 3. Been going good so far this week. Took the day off from work due to the crappy weather here in New England. Unfortunately the wife had to go in. So instead of dropping her off and coming home, I grabbed the gym bag and went there on the way home. Walked for 30 minutes at a 3% incline to get the heart pumping. Then when I finished that I did 10 sets of climbing the stairs there. Jogged up, walked then and then repeat. My heart was pumping something fierce when I got done. But, it was a good thing.

    Breakfast - 3 fried eggs and 4 strips of thick bacon, 2 pcs of left over london broil from last nights dinner

    After the workout I had a protein shake made with whey and water plus a 1/4 cup of frozen strawberry slices.

    So far so good!!

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