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Thread: Anthony's Adventure Back To Wellbeing

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    Stomach is really cranky today. Thinking yesterdays carbfest has something to do with it?

    Todays food was protein shake, bacon and eggs, about a half cup total of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries. Salad with cukes, tomatoes, baby carrots, and a leftover porkchop from the other night. And a small nectarine.

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    Jumping rope is awesome huh? I started doing it a few years ago after I hurt my knee - I couldn't run, but I could jump rope to my heart's content. I'm going to try and start up a regular gym routine when I get back home after my summer intnership and now you've got me all excited to get back at it with that jump rope. Sounds like you've had a solid month going with your eating and exercise. Keep it up

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    Thanks! Haven't jumped rope since I was a kid and that was a VERY long time ago. Needless to day I was a bit out of practice!

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    Didn't get to update yesterday, so this will be a short one.

    Food wise good, stuck to all primal. Walked with the dog yesterday morning for an hour.

    So far today had a good workout this AM.

    10 minute walk 3% incline 3.5 mph warmup4 sets 10 reps eachlat bench press, ezbar curls. 5 Minute rope jumping, was a bit better than Monday. 4 sets 10 reps, seated rows, dumbell curls, finished with 10 min walk 11% incline 2.8 mph. And playing 9 holes of golf tonight after work.

    Then only 2 more getups for work and its vacation time. Come on Friday, get here!!

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    I just realized besides my protein shake after my workout this morning I haven't had anything to eat yet today. I'm so buried in paperwork and "stressed" I forgot. Oh well. Blood sugars are at 85 right now.

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    Haven't posted in a while, probably cause I'm struggling again. We went on vacation the first week of August. We walked a few times during the week. I ate primal some of the time. This is my 2nd week back and I've not made it to the gym. And still eating primal some of the time. And im starting to feel lousy. I had been getting up early and was at the gym by 5 AM. But I keep shutting the alarm off right now and sleeping in. Some of the aches and pains are coming back especially in my feet and lower back. Grrrr.

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