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Have to say that I tried butternut squash, roasted, pretty much for the first time - and it made me so ill - I felt absolutely completely poisoned by it!! Really and truly. Just one organic butternut squash, peeled very carefully, roasted with a bit of olive oil and seasoning. It was awful.

So - maybe something of the things you are now eating just don't agree with you. I would cut out the squash to start with, as I think that if I could have such a strong reaction to it, you could also be having one. It made me feel sick, brought me out in a cold sweat, etc etc. I hardly slept all night. And now if I even see a butternut squash across the aisle I have to turn away ...
Wow, that seems like an extreme reaction. It would almost seem to indicate either an allergy or the presence of some sort of bacteria (rotten squash?). But I've never heard of that happening with squash.

I think the OP will have to navigate her own food reactions. Everyone seems to have a food that doesn't agree with them, and that's fine... for them.