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I don't personally need to carb up for 5k or 10k. I did a 10 mile race last weekend and didn't carb up for that either. I'm currently in training for a half marathon. If I stay in the sub 75%HR region I find I can just keep going. Having said that I haven't got to half marathon distance yet
Yes, if you stay in the sub 75 you can keep going, but I honestly dont race in that range...ever. Not even a marathon. That is about where I do my long runs and easy training runs. I dont typically heart rate train, but just like food, I spot check. The year I was running well 75% was right around a 10 minute mile and my marathon pace was 8:30. I certainly didnt stop to take my HR during the race, but clearly well above 75%. 5K pace at the time was something like 7:22. I'm guessing near the end of that race I was nearing that 100% I've gotten tunnel vision at the end of a 5K

Thats why I make the distinction between running and RACING. I dont carb up to RUN any distance. I will do 18-20 miles without gu or gatorade or whatever. I gu for races. I dont carb load for races that are there just as a training tool, although I might gu them, but the big race, the one you are training for? You bet your patootey I am carbing up for it.