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Thread: Primal for Pets?

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    Question Primal for Pets?

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    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if this topic has been covered before.

    I've been PB for almost 3 weeks and loving it. With the increase in meat around here, I've noticed our 2 cats becoming quite the beggars and lingering around my daughter's high chair in the hopes of some fallen morsels. They've never done this before!

    It's made me think I need to give them a primal diet too. They run through their dry food quickly and seem to be starving by the time dinnertime rolls around. Of course, I assume this is due to the carbs in it!

    I've been browsing the pet food section and have looked at several more natural-based versions, but all seem to have some sort of grain in them (barley, corn, wheat, etc.).

    Does anyone have any recommendations for primal pet food for cats? I found Primal Pet Foods online, but they don't have an online store and there are no vendors around these parts. There is also some frozen stuff at my co-op, but it's expensive! Is there anything else out there?

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    Orijen. By far the most Primal I have found. My dog thrives on it!

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    Orijen is great, so is evo, and taste of the wild. All grain free

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    I do Orijen one meal and raw the other. You can buy frozen raw at some pet stores.

    I cube and freeze these in a single layer, then bag:
    Beef heart
    Pork shoulder
    Beef liver
    Chicken livers
    Chicken hearts
    Chicken wings no need to ct

    In the morning out pull out a mix of frozen cubes. By dinner time it is thawed and ready. Miss K munches through the wings bones and all with no problem. Her coat has never looked better.

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    We had our dog on a primal kibble but have moved him to a raw (prey model) diet. His behavior is better (less anxious & more happy), coat looks awesome, not as many allergies....its great! And not anymore expensive than the dry high quality stuff

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    Raw or home cooked meat really is best. I can't do raw for mine, so I home cook for them. I rotate meat and veggies. No grains. I supplement with a multi, calcium, and glucosamine.

    Sometimes I use Dr. Harvey's Veg-to-Bowl. It's a pre-mix of veggies, no grains, nutritionally complete. Easy! You just add raw or cooked meat, and oil - like fish oil. My dogs love it.

    Weruva makes a good canned food. Some of them are grain-free.

    If you have to feed kibble, IMO Orijen and Acana Pacifica are the best.

    Hope this helps.

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    My (supposed to be) miniature Aussie has been on a raw diet (prey model) since 6 weeks of age.

    He tips the scale at over 55 pounds-which is good-sized for a Standard Australian, let alone a papered miniature(!)-and has a huge amount of bone. His cannon bones ("wrists") are the same diameter as mine. He stands approx 23" tall-again, at the top of the 'standard' for a regular aussie. He gets strictly meat-hand him a doggy bone, and he'll take it politely, and then go bury it. Has no interest in it. His idea of a treat worth wiggling for is freeze dried liver.

    He has bright white teeth (no dental required in the forseeable future), minimal 'poopage', and a soft, glossy, minimally-shedding coat (which for a longhaired, double coated dog is really saying something). The only time he sheds is when he blows his coat in spring and fall...though I do keep him bathed and brushed regularly with copious amounts of showsheen to minimize the dirt he tracks into the house.

  8. #8 and have high organ pet mix, bones etc. Not bad places to pick yourself up some meat, too!

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    Does anyone have any observations on hyperactive/agitated dogs settling down on a primal diet of raw meat and a few veggies?

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    I don't like that Orijen for cats contains potatoes. I really disagree with feeding cats nightshades.

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