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Thread: Buckwheat Groats?

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    Buckwheat Groats?

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    Hey, what's the thought about buckwheat? I know it's gluten free, but is it a seed or a grain? Vegetarian acquaintance claims it's a seed. My kids found some "Chia Goodness" in the cupboard and are loving it with raw milk. My daughter only eats a tiny bit at a time, so i'm really not worried about the carb count or sugar (sugar free only has 2 g less sugar than the sugared stuff), and i remember that the apple cinnamon almond variety was quite yummy.

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    I don't know what the official answer is, but even if it's a "grainy" seed, I'm avoiding it. So, no buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, etc for me.

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    i'm avoiding it as well. i'll let the kids eat it one way or another (seriously, maybe 2 Tbsp. per week if they're eating a lot of the Chia Goodness), just curious.

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    I loooved the cranberry ginger kind before I cut down on eating seeds/grains. I can't see it doing much harm if they barely eat any of it.

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