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Thread: World Chocolate Drought??

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    World Chocolate Drought??

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    Nnnnnooooooooooooo ;____;

    Will Chocolate SUpply Run Out by 2014?

    Time to stock up and freeze? Please God let this be untrue.

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    I wouldn't put too much stock in it. People have been predicting the imminent end of honey and bananas for the past few years, and that hasn't happened yet.

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    If I keep my chocolate consumption at current, unsustainable levels, this just may come to pass.

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    Sounds like only the fair trade stuff is getting scarce.


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    I've been buying some Lindt 85% in the past few days. It's still relatively cheap here.

    Here is a link to keep track of cocoa prices: Monthly Cocoa Prices over the past 25 years.

    Remember, inflation is going to play a large part as well. Bernenke is printing money like there is no tomorrow and like all moronic people in Washington, he actually thinks economic growth causes inflation, not money printing.

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    so this is a political issue rather than environmental. i wouldn't worry too much about the chocolate- business will find a way. it's really too bad about the people, though.

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    It actually is a business issue: I don't know the follow up as to how much "Chocolate Finger" made off of this bet but it did drive prices up independent of other factors.

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    Theo stopped making their incredible Venezuelan 91% over a year ago because political unrest made it impossible to get a steady supply of the beans. Politics definitely impacts chocolate.

    I keep hoping and dreaming that the regions in Southern America capable of growing chocolate will eventually see peace and cooperation. I would love to move their someday. As it is now I wouldn't even feel safe taking a vacation to most chocolate plantations in S America.

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