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Thread: Quick question about burpees and general question about PBF

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    Quick question about burpees and general question about PBF

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    I'm sure this has been asked before, but do burpees count as sprinting? This past Monday, for my sprint, I attempted max-speed burpees in a tabata protocol but crapped out in the second set. I wasn't prepared for how much juice it would take out of me. So after catching my breath I set my timer to 10 minutes and hit the jump rope at moderate to high intensity with frequent breaks (I've lost a lot of gains and am starting back up again). After the ten minutes, I caught my breath a bit and then did 10 max speed burpees.

    So I did:
    10-15 burpees
    10 minutes moderate-high intensity jump rope (if I'm honest with myself, 4-5 of those minutes were probably spent at rest)
    10 burpees.

    Does this constitute/count as a sprint session?

    My next question is about PBF. Does anyone who follows the PBF do more than prescribed? Is it ill advised? Basically, if I find I really like the ass-kickery of burpees for example, can I do them every morning?
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    I believe the intent of sprints is to complete some sort of interval-type workout. Heart rate up, down, up, down. Assuming that, I would think burpees (or any other exercise using your large muscles) would count if you did them at a high intensity for a short period of time--followed by a rest interval. I also think any exercise (burpees included) that you utilize your own body weight as the "resistance" is a huge benefit. As much as I love riding my bike, the bike gets stuck holding my weight. When I run, my legs have to hold me up. Burpees are an exercise I love to hate. They are awesome but I hate doing them because they hurt, which makes them awesome!

    I've been doing interval training on and off over the last year, mostly running. It has really helped me a lot. I take an Air Force PT test every 6 months. Included in the test is a 1.5 mile run. The intervals have helped shave 30 seconds off my run time every 6 months.

    I'm only three weeks into my primal transformation so take what I say with a grain of salt...the consensus with exercise seems to be "if you enjoy it, do it..." I think the important thing is not to do burpees until you throw up because you think you need to. If you really like them and consider it "fun," burp away!

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    Thanks for the input. That's kind of what I thought.
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