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Thread: College student in need of snack ideas

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    Microwaved sweet potato + butter & cinnamon

    Hard boiled eggs spread with pesto, hummus, baba ghanouj, or guac
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    Forgot packaged pork rinds. Simple is the only option here ingredient list should be one thing (pork - very hard to find) or two things (pork and salt - less hard to find). MSG and some other "stuff" finds it way into many brands and types...

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    I'm really into canned tuna with apple cider vinegar (get the kind with the mother; it's awesome). Also, they make squeezable baby food packets that sound pretty good! Weird, but at least they're vegetables. I sometimes (often) also just eat salsa straight out of the jar. Check out Tanka bars on Amazon as well. Those Sea Snax things are really good, too.

    I just admitted that I eat salsa straight from the jar in mass quantities . . . can you tell I'm in college?

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