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Thread: Critique my Leangains plan please? As a B-day present?

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    Martin did mention on a guest post on another website (can't remember where) that women typically do better with a 14 hour fast instead of 16.
    If 16 is fine, fine, but if you start to find it a little difficult don't be afraid to try 14 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primalvore View Post
    I have a wonky ribcage on one side - isn't that crazy!?
    Dear Primalvore... you look great! Don't critique yourself too harshly! And for the record I have the exact same "wonky rib cage" thing going on. I have a curve in my spine so my back is also wonky. Alas we must accept that we will likely never be award winning body builders...not symetrical enough
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