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Thread: Been primal for two months, my cholesterol total is 400...WHAT? page

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    Been primal for two months, my cholesterol total is 400...WHAT?

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    I'm 20 years old, and have lost 10 pounds being primal so far... I'm at 116lbs. I've been feeling great. Happier and more energetic than I've felt in years, and my skin's cleared up. I'm fairly active...but not as much as I could be. According to my doc my total cholesterol is 400!!!!! When I told my mom, she just about hit the roof. I've been eating at least 90% primal, at the suggested percentages. Eggs and fat everyday, lots of bacon, also lots of fruits and veggies. Very by the book, so to say. I do have a family history of high cholesterol, so I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it. My doctor wants me to go see an endocrinologist, I'd rather not since they will probably just prescribe me pills like my dad's been on for years.

    More info:
    HDL: 63
    LDL: 325
    Tryglicerides: apparently normal
    Risk: 6.3?!

    Is this a normal thing that happens to some people when they go primal? I'd like to alleviate my mother's hysteria and avoid pills and more doctors if all possible. (Also I apologize if this is in the wrong place.)

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    if you have hereditary high cholesterol then your own levels MAY be affected by dietary intake (of dietary cholesterol) - cut down on some of your saturated fats, replace with nuts/avocado/olive oil, keep your omega3 intake up and increase fibre intake.

    assess after another 3 months.

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    Check out this blog post by Chris Masterjohn "Why Is My Cholesterol So High On This Diet?"

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    That article's great at explaining why cholesterol tests aren't all they're cracked up to be. A better indicator would be to get a VAP, NMR, or GGE test -- these will tell you what kind of LDL you have (you want Pattern A). They also actually count the LDL instead of guessing. Also see if you can get tested for hsCRP and/or homocystine -- these are markers for inflammation in the body which will give the accurate picture of your risk.

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    I had my cholesterol checked after about 5 months on primal.. my numbers were GREAT..

    I wonder how much heredity may be playing a role in yours???

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    Do you know your numbers from before you got it checked? What were you eating previously? A lot of people do seem to have a spike right away and then drop some. I had pretty similar numbers after about 6 months on primal. Total near 400, LDL over 300, Trigs were 63 or so and HDL was only 49. About 8 months after that I just had a blood panel done and I'm down almost 100 in LDL, down in trigs, and up to 64 in HDL. I suspect my numbers were horrendous before I started eating primally because I ate a bunch of junk. I also have a family history of high cholesterol but I stuck with it and now my numbers seem to be improving. Without knowing what they were beforehand it's hard to say if it's bad or possibly helping. If your HDL is good and trigs are low it's likely that you have Pattern A LDL. If that's the case a higher number isn't quite as bad. Read Griff's Cholesterol Primer for some more info. A VAP or NMR cholesterol test will tell for sure whether it's pattern A or B.

    Forgot to add that my h-CRP was also low. In all, I'm not too worried about being higher than what's recommended by most doctor's. Many people with "good" cholesterol have heart issues and many people with "high" cholesterol have no issues throughout their life.
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    Also, get your test re-run. I know FOUR people who got an exceedingly high number that was fine after rechecking. Sometimes a glob just gets in there and mucks up the test.
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    It may be that you have hereditary cholesterol issues, and no diet will solve that problem. The fact that your father has been medicated for years and your young age suggests that may be the problem.

    If so, you are among the ONLY people for whom statins are appropriate. I have a very good friend who is now in his late 50s but has been on statins since his early 30s (his father dropped dead of a heart attack at 37) because of this hereditary condition. He has always been fit, eats healthily, etc.

    You should follow up as your doctor suggests ,and please pay attention to medical advice in this situation.

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    Griff has a great post about cholesterol numbers and what it all means:

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

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    Good advice here. Also leonardotmnt - you need more details about the specific breakdown of your profile.

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