Anyone here dealt with vitiligo? I've started developing small white patches on my face and all over my body, and they're kinda freaking me out. Thankfully I'm pretty pale so they're not very noticeable, but I'd like to try to stop it before it spreads more.

I have hypothyroidism, slightly high cortisol, gluten intolerance, seriously slow-healing skin, and digestive issues that all developed over the course of the last two years, and think they're probably contributing to it somehow. It seems like something is throwing my immune system out of whack, and this is just another issue to add to the pile.

I eat pretty much 100% primal, lots of red meat, butter, veggies, coconut oil. Vitamin D levels are great, B-12 is mid-range, ferritin is low in range. I supplement with D, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Selenium and Borage Oil. Just started taking HCl, as well. I had been taking 30mg of Zinc nightly for about three months, and just recently stopped because I was afraid of copper and calcium depletion.

Anyone have any tips on slowing the spread of the spots and achieving repigmentation?