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Thread: Why did you believe the whole Primal Thing?

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    Why did you believe the whole Primal Thing?

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    I mean for Primal Blueprint Fitness it might be one thing.
    But especially the whole Primal nutrition thing.
    I mean there is no doctor who said "don't eat rice, noodles, bread, potatoes, etc.!"
    it's just "some guy" who did that.
    Why did you believe him? Why did you start the Primal Blueprint? DID you actually believe him, or did you figure out that the concept worked for you? Or what else convinced you?

    I'm refering to videos such as this:

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    May 2010
    Dr. Eades, for one.

    My blood pressure has dropped 30 points, my bad cholesterol has dropped 75 points, and my good cholesterol has increased 17 points.

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    For me, the premise of "eat the way our ancestors did" just resonated. I was already following Zone principles, which aren't all that different, but dropped all grains and upped the fat to become Primal, while also focusing more on real food.

    Various bits of research helped to reassure me that CW could be wrong.

    And then I just feel so darned healthy this way, and am enjoying food thoroughly for the first time in my life. Even if the primal theory is dead wrong, and I leave this world earlier than I otherwise would have done, I will have no regrets.

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food

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    Gary Taubes is also not just "some guy" and has mentioned Paleo diets as an ideal diet too. That dude in the video you posted .... not so much.

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    His question is answered. It's not simply, "Well this is how our ancestors ate, so we need to eat this way." It's the theory that humans evolved eating this way for many years longer than we ate the way we do now. Noodles and bread were not around 20,000 years ago in all likelihood. Early man primarily ate what he could find which would be animals, plants, maybe some roots, nuts and berries. That's about it.

    However, if you like to eat a modern diet of grains and other types of food, go for it.

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    I read Good Calories, Bad Calories and realized just how much actual SCIENCE is behind this way of eating and how much politics and greed are behind conventional wisdom.

    It's not just "some guy" and it's offensive to everyone here who has bothered to do a bunch of research to claim we are blindly following Mark as some "messiah" like sheeple.

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    Sep 2009
    metro Portland
    pre-primal triglycerides: 178
    primal triglycerides: 55

    My blood pressure is the best it has ever been since it's been tracked.

    I don't feel like I'm dying anymore.

    You know, little things like that.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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    It just makes so much sense. I think most educated people know on some level that eating frankfoods isn't natural. We should be eating foods, not chemicals.
    So, for me, it was something of a natural progression with what I'd already been doing. I'd been eating things I could pronounce, and was getting away from gluten because I know so many people who have serious issues with it (not the least of which are my nephews), so it was never a huge leap to get rid of the other grains I'd been enjoying, like amaranth and oats.
    It just made sense to me in a way that a lot of other things never really did.

    <edit> Also, the research he uses to back up his stuff. I'd read a lot of stuff already in looking into healthy eating styles.

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    I've dealt with many a doctor that fell into the "just some guy" category. Logical evolution based thought and feeling/performing better is what makes this resonate with me.

    late onset type1 diabetic 4-27-10 @ age 30

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    I initially considered it because of the whole "evolutionary" argument... it made intuitive sense to me that we probably didn't evolve the ability to easily eat grains in just 10,000 short years.

    The thing that got me to actually TRY it was looking at the basic biochemistry (insulin and fat storage, cortisol, etc) on Mark's blog and others, and matching it up with what I remembered learning in my "Biochemistry: metabolism" class in college. The truth was, an undergraduate biochemistry course had given me all the information I should have needed to know that conventional high-carb low-fat diets didn't make sense... I just hadn't put it together. (I never really studied human biology, and bacteria and yeast don't get heart disease or diabetes... and if they gain weight, they just explode, lol.)

    As a scientist, the goal in the back of my mind is always to prove my own beliefs wrong. But I haven't found anything convincing enough to prove this wrong yet. These days I read lots of primal and paleo blogs, and read some of the scientific papers about nutrition and metabolism myself. A lot of them say things I don't believe 100%, but the major ideas hold up: keep insulin controlled, avoid grains and sugar, saturated fat isn't bad, keep O3 and O6 balanced, etc.
    "mayness, you need to have a siggy line that says "Paleo Information Desk" or something!" -FMN <3

    I'm blogging again, at least a little bit.

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