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Thread: Beef Jerky With Sugar- How bad is it?

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    Beef Jerky With Sugar- How bad is it?

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    I eat pretty low carb, mostly getting carbs from veggies and fruit.
    Trader Joes has some tasty beef jerky that I buy for a convenient snack. However, it has 5g of sugar per serving! No idea why they do that, it really doesn't need the sugar, at least not that much. As a snack, how serious should I consider this sugar intake? I'm one who is a hard gainer, always trying to gain weight, but I really want health as a priority!
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    cant you just treat that as 5 carbs?

    doesnt seem like a big deal

    then again, what kind of sugar is it... and try to find out how much it will spike your insulin levels.

    if you are trying to lose weight, it might slow you down. if not,,, i dont think one or two serving will kill you.
    personaly, i wouldnt eat more then that per day.
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    Yeah. As long as it's free of the MSG and other crud that is often a part of jerky I would think it would be fine.

    You could also try making your own! It's REALLY easy. Just get some lean meat (fat doesn't dry or keep well and will go rancid), cut it into thin slices across the grain, marinade or dry rub it (I like to do a dry rub, it's easier, faster and I think it tastes better too! Just salt, pepper, cumin, whatever spices I want) then lay it out in the dehydrator and dry for a couple hours or on a cookie sheet and place it in a 150 degree oven with the door cracked open a little for a couple hours. TASTY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctiluca View Post
    You could also try making your own! It's REALLY easy.
    If someone as kitchen-impaired as I am can do it, anyone can! Cranked out another batch yesterday - yum. The taste possibilities are endless.

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