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Thread: If Grok were going to climb Mt Fuji....

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    Acclimatizing properly is far better preparation than any medicine for dealing with altitude sickness. The general rule we tell tourists out here in Colorado, where a lot of them come to climb 14k' peaks, is to spend 1 night above 7000' for every 1000' you plan to climb ABOVE 10000'. So, for you, that would mean it is ideal to spend two nights above 7000' (if possible, I don't know your itinerary).
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    We're still closely monitoring the Japan disasters here - looks like they won't be sending DH's squadron over right now - but the current news is that the thousands of US military dependents in the area may soon come to Guam (at least temporarily) - so the bases are in a tizzy making contingency plans for tent cities....The governor of Guam is trying to work out something with the hotel association so that any refugees (japanese or military) can be housed in the hotels any case, we are all really hoping that nuclear situation is contained soon!

    Still trying to plan for a mid April trip to Palau for diving and our mid July trip to meet up with DD in Tokyo and climb Mt Fuji - but it's all pretty contingent on the developing events. (Trying hard not to be a selfish toddler about all this - stupid earthquake!)

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    A few nuts and some cowsheart jerky. Not quite as tasty as regular jerky but better for you.

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