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Thread: Help with grass-fed beef

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    Chuck roasts take a very long time cooking at a nice low heat to break down the connective tissue. They need to be covered with liquid. Even on the stove top in a dutch oven, they can take 3 hours to cook. They will reach a point where they will be very tough, then the connective tissues break down and you can shred them with a fork. I would guess that since a slow cooker takes a lot longer than a regular dutch oven or the like, you just didn't cook it long enough. Another hour or two would have done the trick. Next time, maybe use a dutch oven on the stove or in the oven at low heat.

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    just cook the roast like a steak...grill or pan fry. medium rare is best.

    and yes...i'm talkin' chuck rost.

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    Since I posted this, I've been using the tenderizer with great success. It also takes a full 24 hours for a chuck roast to come out tender in my crock pot.

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