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    Anti-inflammatory herbs help a lot. Go to a Whole-Foods/ healthfood type store and get them in bulk (or off of the internet), this kind of source is more pure, better quality and cheaper.

    * Cinnamon

    * Turmeric

    * Ginger

    * Bromelain (enzyme)

    * Devil's Claw

    * St. John's Wort

    * White Willow

    * Licorice Root

    Too name a few ;-)

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    Thanks SassaFrass I'll look into that.

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    I get hand joint pain from gluten products. I can eat vegetable carbs ( sweet potatoes) or rice and not be affected.
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    finger joint pain

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    Joint pain knees while on 100 mg Lamictal??? Anyone know of any other drugs that work just like lamictal without the side effects?

    Wonderful herbal ] arthritis medications or?.. "NoFlam". What do you make of it?

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