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Thread: Breast size increase page

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    Breast size increase

    Ok this might not be as interesting for some but has anyone else noticed an increase in their breast size since eating paleo? I've noticed in the last few cycles right before and during my period my breasts get huge. I mean I don't fit my B bra. Epic and ridiculous and not really a fan. Not really tender either...just full of personality
    I've read that diets high in fat can do this. I eat about 50-60% fat 30% or so from protein and the rest from carbs. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    why would you think this wouldn't be interesting for people?

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    I know I went from a 32C to a 30DD....
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    mine have gotten smaller, but i'm weaning my son, so the hormones are completely different (he's 2.5 years old, so it's ok that i wean him. nothing dangerous here).

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    Huh. I never thought of this. I just attributed my increasing cup size to pregnancy. It's an interesting idea!

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    A true miracle of the primal diet!

    Also, you should post some before and after pictures so I can judge for myself

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    i have not had this "problem"

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    Very interesting...

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    I am changing shape - slowly - from an apple to an hourglass/pear. I know this because my one pair of good jeans is now loose at the waist but tight on the thighs. Dammit!
    I'm currently in the "mixed fruit salad" stage

    My guess would be the fats going into your endocrine system and your hormone balance altering?
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    Oh heck....don't tell me that! That might be the straw that broke this camel's back. (heh...literally!) .
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