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Thread: Breast size increase

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    I really hope I don't increase my boobs. They're already gigantic at a 36GG. I am hoping to lose enough weight all over that I don't need a reduction. But I am willing to do one in spring or summer 2014. Believe me, bigger is NOT always better.

    Oh, and I buy mine at breakout Great place for weird sizes.
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    You know how disappointing it is to go the entire thread and not see a single photo? How do I know that y'all aren't just obese, middle-aged men acting out a midlife crisis in your mother's basement, hands stained orange from Cheetos dust*? PROOF IS NEEDED.

    *If you really are, no judgment. I've been there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermanda View Post
    Ok this might not be as interesting for some but has anyone else noticed an increase in their breast size since eating paleo? I've noticed in the last few cycles right before and during my period my breasts get huge. I mean I don't fit my B bra. Epic and ridiculous and not really a fan. Not really tender either...just full of personality
    I've read that diets high in fat can do this. I eat about 50-60% fat 30% or so from protein and the rest from carbs. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    What?? I want this... I stayed more or less the same since primal at 34D... ;(
    HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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    Mine shrank

    Then I got pregnant and they grew back.

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    I think mine have gotten a bit smaller, tho it could be just the band size has changed, not the cups.

    Probably about time to start trying on different sizes >.>
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    We need a lot of pictures. Hard to give any advice without visual aid.

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