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Thread: Egg drop soup = primal awesomeness.

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    The recipe I have instructs you to really boil the chicken broth, mix the eggs or egg beaters with a fork and add a drop of soy sauce, and then take the pot off the stove and carefully drizzle the egg into the broth. I also have added a drop of yellow food coloring to make it more like the restaurants. Hope this helps.

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    Made a variation of this last night -- mushroom egg drop soup! I heated up homemade chicken stock, chopped up two celery stalks, added Trader Joe's wild mushroom medley (sooo good), and a spoonful of reserved fat from last week's meatballs (sounds strange, but this added great flavor and good fat!). After it was done simmering, turned off the heat and slowly poured in 3 beaten eggs, while swirling the soup with a chopstick. It looked awesome and tasted even better. Thanks so much for the great idea!!!
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    I made an egg drop soup today from the left over stock after making pulled pork in the crock. Added mushrooms, onions, garlic and such. It was delicious!

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