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Thread: Go ahead, have a sandwich!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianag View Post
    This is an awesome thread called Uses for Oopsie Rolls:

    You will see everything under the sun and then some...
    Omg Adriana... thanks a lot for that one, you're really helpful, I skipped to the last page and there's already plenty of yummy. Thanks for going to my thread as well.

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    OMG, I just made my first batch, and they were great! I had heard of them before, but I was a little skeptical. However, I had some uncured pastrami in the frige, which I usually just top with mustard, roll up and eat. I decided to give the oopsie rolls a try and have a real sandwich. It was just like eating a sandwich made with a flaky roll. Yum!
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    I made a batch this morning. Very light and flaky! Had them with my eggs and bacon, not as a sandwich but as an "after egg" accompaniment. I put the remaining four into the freezer; I hope they will toast up OK later this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel S. View Post
    Made these this afternoon...haven't tried them yet - planning on burgers for dinner.

    Has anyone tried making this into red lobster biscuits? I'm thinking of adding in some shredded cheese and some garlic, then brushing the tops with butter. Has anyone tried this and could lend some tips?

    Thanks and happy experimenting!

    The key to making biscuits taste like the Red Lobster ones ( I make them with coconut flour) is to put s bit of Old Bay seasoning and grated cheddar (1cup) IN the dough.
    AND ( most important), as soon as they come out of the oven- brush them with a mixture of melted butter and garlic powder. Eat while hot.

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