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Thread: Carb flu symptoms??

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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonLisa View Post
    I searched the word "symptoms" and found this thread because I've been feeling horrible the past week as well and I'm hoping some senior members can shed some light on this. I've been eating primal for a couple of months with dairy but cut the dairy a couple of weeks ago after not seeing results. Last week I think I started to go into ketosis since I started peeing a lot and finally I started dropping weight.

    The past few days I've been experiencing horrible pain down the backs of my legs from my butt to my ankles. It seems to get worse at night and in the early morning. My appetite has dropped considerably (I suppose this is a good thing) as well. I read something about potassium being low so I've been drinking electrolyte enhanced water but that doesn't seem to help much.
    Take a potassium supplement for a while. The Drs. Eades recommend 99mgx300 (I think; that's what I took for a while when I started) because when you drop weight, a lot of it is water, and it takes the salts (including the good salts like potassium) RIGHT out of your body, and then you get cramps. I routinely take 2 99mg potassium caplets each night with the rest of my vites and meds to prevent the cramps.
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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    I got a super sore throat and sinus infection that went away quickly. I then wasn't able to sleep well at all! Then on the fourth day I sort of had an emotional breakdown I haven't ever seen in myself--just crying about everything. It almost made me stop this...but I thought maybe it's the not sleeping or part of the carb flu? Still not sleeping great but sleeping much better. I don't feel tired. I feel a little wired. But I know I am tired. I feel sort of weepy underneath it all. This is probably only day 6 of this process for me. Though I am gluten and dairy free already.

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    In addition to potassium and magnesium supplements, you might also need more sodium. I have been really struggling with the electrolytes in this, my 5th week and the potassium and magnesium helped a little bit, but not enough. I still had jimmy-legs and even worse jimmy-arms plus nightly leg cramps and a strange taste in my mouth. Pouring salt in my hand and licking it off really helped one day so I'm trying to force myself to add extra salt to my food or just lick a little off my hand. I'm making some bone marrow broth right now for the coming week, too. Hopefully that will also help.

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    Sorry to revive a zombie thread, but I'd like to record my experience here.

    I've been on very low carb for 2 or 3 days (<25g carb, a la Atkins Induction) and lowish carb for a few days before.
    My idea was to enter ketosis as a way of jump starting the low carb metabolism.
    My ketostix went deep purple yesterday afternoon, and I began to feel a little crappy.

    Last night I came down with severe flu symptoms, very thirsty, urinating a LOT, very disoriented... I felt like I had been poisoned or drugged, really strange feeling. I thought that I actually had flu (felt so similar to the swine flu I had a few years back), but at the same time I experienced huge detox effects (I used to detox with psyllium husks and turmeric before, so i recognise the signs)... skin feeling and looking clear/light, very clear eyesight, tongue clearing of coating, change in breathing (don't know how to describe that!)... very intense.

    The worst was over in an hour or so, then I just felt a bit woozy and energised.

    I done the worst thing then of course, and had a few (well,many!) beers which jumped my carb load.

    Anyway, back on track today, and planning to keep up the ketogenic diet for a few days, then gradually increasing my carb intake to the <100 range.

    EDIT: I read somewhere on this forum that the low-carb flu might be caused by dying microbes releasing toxins or something? I've lived with GI-related auto-intoxication issues for years, and have recently given up gluten, which I think maybe the culprit. Maybe I have a lot of residual microbes, hence the massive flu/detox response? Just a thought.

    Thanks for reading
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    Hey guys! Ive been primal eating, on and off for a few months now. I guess you could call it 80/20? I was wondering if any have had symptoms of hunger? I will just eat and be hungry 10 minutes later. I guess it could also be seen as just feeling weak. I have not really had any other symptoms other than that. I was not sure if this is seen as a symptom or that maybe I'm just not eating enough?

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    I have been having some similar troubles. Sorry i have just posted something else about it. Just to confirm this passes right? On a positive note if this is happening that must mean we are all on the right tracks right? Please say yes haha

    Keep going guys!

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