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    2 Week results (Surprising!)

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    Starting weight, 222-224lbs, It varied a little bit.
    Weight this morning, 212
    Went down a belt notch.

    Intermittent breakfast fasting. I sometimes don't eat anything until lunch, or anything until 3, which was the schedule previously but instead of a big ass salad it woulda been a drive through.

    Mostly meat (Omlets, hamburgers, thin cut steaks, rotisserie chicken, turkey bacon, ground sausage, pork chops, deli sliced turkey, etc).
    Greens have consisted of olive oil and garlic basted Kale, steamed Broccoli, BAS with black olives, bell peppers, banana peppers, onions, ham, turkey, roast beef, a special vinegar and oil dressing that is available from my local sub shop.

    I was a total diet soft-drink addict. I would easily drink 8-9 Diet Pepsis a day (or more). I totally cut those out (and anything else with artificial sweeteners) cold turkey and the first 4-5 days I crashed HARD but I've gotten through it. Only thing I've drank since is water (Mostly by a long shot). 2 unsweetened teas at restaurants, and like 2-3 cups of V8 spicy hot tomato juice.

    Pretty much the only "cheating" I've done was piece of a chocolate brownie the size of the first knuckle on my thumb (just a quick taste mostly) and a few, very few, sweet potato "fries".

    I am still struggling to get primal foods in the house (and figure out which ones exactly I like), but the results are extremely impressive so far. I did Atkins about 5 years ago and had good results, but I wasn't able to keep it off. I think PB eating is a lot more sustainable because of the flexibility with vegetables and some fruits. I'm looking forward to seeing where this leads me several months or a year down the road. Definitely committed to making this a life-style change and not just a "diet"

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    Congratulations! Good luck with your new WOE

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    WTG! In '09 I was 248, and lost 75 lbs on CW. Since PB I've lost 3 lbs at least. Heading into week 3

    "Fat, fat, go away, this ol' Grok wants to play!"
    --Trish (Bork)

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    I've been off the diet soda for a week now. I still love fizzy drinks, though. I drink carbonated water with a little squeeze of lemon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaisyEater View Post
    I've been off the diet soda for a week now. I still love fizzy drinks, though. I drink carbonated water with a little squeeze of lemon.
    I've done exactly this same thing, I found 100% organic lemon juice in one of those squeeze bottles. Not missing the diet sodas at all. I have found a new love for olives and good quality parmagiono regiono cheese. Just a little snack with huge flavor. I'm three weeks in and down about twenty or so, I try to only weigh once a week so my daily fluctuations don't get me frustrated.

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