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    Question Net carb or sugar carbs?

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    Which one is relevant, the net carbs (g) or carbs from sugar (g)? In my mind it would make sense that the carbs from sugar are the ones that matter, because other than that we are talking about fibre (cellulose and starch) and we cannot digest fibre from plants.

    What do you all think?

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    When Mark talks about carbs he's referring to total carbs, not net. You could subtract fiber I suppose but anything like sugar, carbs from sweet potatoes, etc. counts.

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    i always remove the fibre carbs.
    So if a cup of veggies has 8 grams of carbs (but 3 of those grams are fibre) then your net carbs are 5 grams.
    The body does not absorb fibre, so i dont see a reason to include them.

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