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Thread: what kind of butter....?

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    what kind of butter....?

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    Im 16 so primal living is a little tough but all things considered I think I do well. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, barley eat in the day time (because im not hungry) except for some fruit or something and for dinner it us usually primal but ill remove all non primal things. Spaghetti for example ill just use a tiny bit of the pasta and just put a !@#$ load of the spaghetti meat in the bowl.

    Ok my question is, does it matter how the butter is made?
    I mean obviously organic healthy previous animal butter is good but does it matter if its pasteurised or not? We moved houses so money is low and the basic home brand butter is pretty much all we are going to get. Can someone explain pasteurised to me aswell lol.


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    You can make your own butter for cheap, and it's super easy. Buy some heavy cream, and whip it up until it forms a butter consistency. There's plenty of tutorials online.
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    I am 15. Primal is not hard, sorry. It's different sure, and you have to make a concerted effort to eat healthy, but it is 100 percent doable. Just don't eat the spaghetti. Really. You don't need it. Better yet, learn to cook!

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    Don't worry about pastured/organic. It's great, yes, but regular is good too.
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    In some states UnPasteurized dairy is unavailable in retail, but aval through local folks. UnPasteurized is prefered if the source is trusted to be a clean and sanitary source. But a butter is available that I guess would be considered "Primal", would be "Grass Fed" butter. This is Organic Pasture Butter. Cows are fed Grass instead of Corn. This butter is high in Omega 3 and CLA-conjugated linoleic acid. More info on this and the history of pasteurization can be found in the book; "Death by Supermarket" by Nancy Deville

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    Organic Valley pasture raised special edition May thru Sept package and has CLA and omega 3 in it

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