Has anyone read or heard about this (see links below)? It's been in the news recently because pro athletes (NFL) are using it.

Apparently, deer velvet can be taken off the antlers and then ground down and ingested as a powder or spray. The result is that those who ingest see an increase in naturally occuring IGF-1 production similar to what using illegal synthetic HGH does (at least I think - I'm not too well versed in science).

I don't really care about the pro athlete aspect of the story. Rather, it makes me wonder if deer antler velvet is at all Primal related. I mean, would Grok, in his effort to utilize every single part of a deer carcass that he hunted, scrape off the felt and ingest it somehow? I don't think it's that far-fetched. It's interesting that there could be a natural substance (not lab made) that can have a profound effect.

Btw, I e-mailed this topic to Mark asking him to possibly address this subject in a future post. Of course, he might not get around to it for whatever reason, and so I wanted to bring it up on the forum for people's reaction and/or insight.