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Thread: A dog's life.

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    A dog's life.

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    My wife and I have "moved in with Grok" for 16 weeks now and are really enjoying pretty much everything about it. a couple of weeks into primal eating/living, i decided to change both of my dogs diet to raw meat.

    Let me tell you their experiences so dog, Thor (male) is mix of Chow-Chow and german shepard and the other Mia (female) is mixed Labrador with Sharpei. They are both around 10 years old, i brought the male home when he was just 2 weeks old and the female we rescued from a shelter, she was extremely mistreated and abused.

    I alway fed them commercial food and not the most expensive stuff either, Thor has always been a healthy happy dog but a few years ago we found some lumps on his body, some blister looking things the size of an egg and filled with clear liquid so we took him to the vet for shot and get it checked.

    The Vet said it was nothing major and he could drain it with a syringe but it would likely fill back up and it did but we just left it alone since it did not seem to be bothering Thor.

    Mia on the other hand, had a bad case of flaky skin ( looked like HEAVY dandruff ) and just a couple of days after washing her she would be stinky, like a dirty dog.

    Well, after switching to raw meat diet we noticed her hair was supper shinny and she would smell good after washes...SWEET! Happy dog = happy owner.

    Then, the other day i was grooming Thor and it just clicked..."Where are the blisters? Holly crap, it's gone!"

    Strike 2, Happy dogs = happy owner!

    My dogs eat mainly chicken leg quarters and once in a while beef or chicken liver.

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    Very interesting! I wonder if it would work for cats? What do you, and others of course, think?

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    I think it would work, cats are supposed to be carnivores, no ? (i think so)

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    Cats are obligate carnivores. It galls me that we feed my cat a grain based diet, especially since we've switched to primal. Dogs actually can eat more non meaty things than cats. Google "barf diet cats" or "raw fed cats" or somesuch. You'll find good links.

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    Herbwifemama, I was trying to figure out the picture in your first i thought it was a Pig's feet (as in pickled pig feet) but after squinting pretty hard i realized it was a cat.

    P.S. It is a cat right? :-)

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    kinda looks like a lion cub stretched out on its back to me

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    Get them some heart too, it's cheap and the taurine's good for them.

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    Will add heart to their diet as well...

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    My dog ate a raw food diet the last year of her life. She had the canine version of MS, and our natural vet suggested it would help lessen her symptoms. I think it really did for awhile, and plus she was one happy dog with that diet! We eventually had to put her to sleep because her life became so miserable with lack of bodily function. But she LOVED her raw food diet, and her coat/skin improved. I was amazed that it was OK to feed her raw chicken bones. The vet said it was fine and good for her. It's cooked chicken bones that are harmful because they're so splintery.

    We also supplemented her meat with veggies. I would throw a bunch of raw veggies in the food processor and grind up into a paste and give to her maybe a cup or so with the meat. We usually used greens, cabbage, carrots, celery, yams. If I remember right (this was about 10 years ago), the vet said that dogs benefit greatly from many veggies but it's good to grind them up first because they're not able to chew them in the same way that people do. It was to help their digestion. I would grind up several days worth and put in a tub in the fridge and just scoop out a big dollop for her meals with the meat. She loved it!

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    When I cut the grains out of my own diet and realized feeling fabulous, I had the same thought for my dogs, then 10 & a puppy at the time. I figured if taking the grains out of MY diet made me feel so much better, the dogs would probably really appreciate it, too!

    My 10-yo had been DXd with arthritis and was taking glucosamine. while she was happy, she just "walked", no extra activity. Now that I'm raw feeding them both, she will jump and run. it is so awesome to see!!! we're off the glucosamine, too.

    You want to make sure you're giving organ meat, too. Liver, kidney, etc., Heart is considered muscle so not organ. My dogs get 1.5 oz liver/day.

    As to cats, yes, they should be eating this way, too. From what I understand, tho, it is harder to get them switched over. we were blessed with a freezer full of elk burger (burnt) so i thought it'd be the perfect time to switch the cats over. i've tried enlisting the help of my very helpful 14-yo but she's not digging it, lol! she'll feed the dogs and she'll help (lots!) with dinner but she's not big on switching the cats, lol! I feel bad for them as our "kitten" is fat!!! and i know it's her food!

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