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    Wading into beefland:-) ...Recipes?

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    I'm having a freaking beautiful moment. It's another one of those "oh wow, I was born to eat like this" moments. I've spent years trying to figure out my health problems and thus have played around with all sorts of diets, primarily vegetarian, vegan and high raw food. I started eating paleo last June and ALL of my problems cleared up (NO IBS, NO PCOS=YAY) but until now I have stuck with fish, chicken, and the occasional piece of bacon (aka slice of heaven:-)
    Tonight my mother made her meatloaf, the same one that I used to refuse to eat for years, and she used grass fed beef and a bit of gluten free bread (I know I know no grains and I haven't since June) Can I just tell you how unbelievably delicious it was? OMG. And I feel like a million buck too.
    So I'm ready for a new adventure in the kitchen everyone! What are your favorite beef recipes?
    I have never cooked beef so perhaps starting with something simple would be the way to go. Here's to health and happiness! Thanks!!

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    Congratulations on the PCOS! I have a friend who had it and I wish I knew about PB before she got a lapband. If you have a slow cooker then anything on that is really easy to make and is delicious to boot. Just get a pot roast, throw in a bunch of vegetables (carrots and onions come to mind, don't be afraid to experiment), some water, and have it on low for 9-12 hours: timing is very flexible.

    I don't really do recipes so I wish I could give you more advice, but check out this video by Mark Bittman on braising short ribs. You don't gotta do it with chile like he did, though if you like the burn...

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    The easiest (and somehow most fulfilling) recipe I've gleaned from this forum is for a perfect primal breakfast:

    -Cook a few handfulls of ground beef in skillet/pan
    -Add 1 medium/large diced onion and garlic salt once beef is mostly cooked and there's plenty of fat in the pan
    -Once beef is done add 2-4 eggs, scramble to liking

    Eat with salsa, ketchup, or plain.

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