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    Tooth and Claw


    This intends to become a different sort of MDA journal. TFC (TheFastCat) is not here to lose weight. TFC is not here to overcome a lifelong debilitating illness or the amalgamation of poor health decisions since being a kitten. TFC is not here to simply maintain his current existence until he shrivels up and dies. TFC is here to grow stronger, tougher and well more like his ancestors. If “Grok” is the quintessential role model for modern Primal humans, “Smiley” is what this cat is shooting for. An artist’s rendering of Smiley:

    Smiley was a Smilodon and as such an alpha predator of his day. He was large, strong, fierce and mean. He was also agile, fast and powerful. He ate things with faces and no doubt a few Groks here and there.

    You are correct to surmise that there were differences between how Smiley and Grok lived. For one thing Smiley was a big cat who weighed in at a conservative 400 kilograms. He traveled, hunted, ate and lived in pack environment. Unlike Grok’s pack though, Smiley’s pack was more predicated on the leadership of the alpha male and female than social graces and friendships.

    Constant physical vigilance was required on the Alpha’s part to stay on top of his game for the sake of maintaining his status. While Grok was eating sloth bacon, playing ultimate Frisbee or lounging around the campfire in a bear hide thong without a care in the world eating almonds gathered the summer before – Smiley was fighting tooth and claw to become bigger, faster and stronger.

    Smiley ate constantly so that he could grow larger. Size and strength was the determining factor in deciding social status in the pack so he practiced his jumping, killing and wrestling so that he might grow more powerful. His life was more stressful and shorter than Grok’s and also harder. No thumbs and the inability to digest many of the foods Grok sustained himself on meant that Smiley had to use only the tools given to him- his teeth and claws, in order to eat.

    And yet Smiley did have many things in common with Grok. Both lived in a cave and slept a lot. Both conserved energy when it was efficient to. Both ate the foods they were meant to. Both were keyed into the natural world and thrived within it.

    And so if Grok is the model to which many Primals aspire to in their eating and activity levels, Smiley is the model to which this modern day FastCat aspires. TFC is not interested in maintaining an optimal “least effort for max gain approach” to living. Not yet. Maybe once he has a litter of his own he can rest on the laurels of his accomplishments and laze about like a Grok. Until then though he’s gunning to be an Alpha – just like Smiley. Such a path is arduous and often times exhausting. You aren't crowned an Alpha by moving slowly and eating copious amounts of vegetables that's for sure. You are crowned Alpha by out toothing and out clawing whatever comes in your way be it dinner, competition, challenges... life.
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