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Thread: Tooth and Claw

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFastCat View Post
    Morning workout: 5:30

    1x10 ring dips
    1x10 ring dips with 5 lbs
    1x10 ring dips with 10 lbs

    Ring dips give me huge bruises on the side of my arms on account of the ring strap pushing against them. Not cool. It might be because my shoulders are pretty broad and having the rings closer together adds more pressure? Next time I will try spacing out the rings extra far

    Three rounds for time of:
    275 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
    50 Double-unders

    TheFastCat hates double-unders. If double-unders were a yak or deer or antelope he would tear them limb from limb. But double-unders are like an invisible air demon that cannot be wrestled. Tooth and claw have no effect. I whip the air but it dodges and trips me, slowly draining my energy.
    You sure it's the straps and not the actual rings? I haven't come across many people who were able to avoid the bruising on their forearms, seems to be the nature of the beast. And moving the rings out will likely decrease effiecency, but if you can muscle through them, more power to ya.

    And double-unders are awful, awful things.

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    Morning workout:

    Five rounds of:
    20 GHD Sit-ups
    5 Push jerk @ 133# (my shoulders were spent from Presses last night so I went with a low weight)


    5 minutes AMRAP of 24kg Kettle bell snatches - 87

    And once again KB snatches beat the shit out of my forearms. Going to have big ugly, nasty purple arms by the end of today. Worst exercise ever. I could have done over 100 if not for having to shed a tear each time the KB snapped back onto my forearm. It's ok -- it builds character and toughness. And yes I know this shouldn't happen; and yet it inevitably does.

    Breakfast: .6 lb chicken, water, 10 almonds
    Lunch: spinach (lots)
    Dinner: grass fed hamburger + broccoli + chipotle pepper sauce
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    5:30 AM workout

    Major fail today on account of not eating enough the past two days. Have had a little run in with dysmorphia the past week after pushing to lean out a bit more. well goal is being attained - I now have vascularity below my belly button and can feel some veins along my bicep on top of my workout shirt.

    last week I posted a pic of myself on facebook and got some supportive compliments. I guess it kinda fed the idea to keep improving (which isn't bad). I just need to support my goals with plenty of fuel instead of trying to play the part of anorexic strength gainer. That's not going to work.

    Thrusters @151#
    1x3 FAIL
    Thrusters @141#
    1x4 FAIL

    Felt way too heavy. I think I didn't have enough glycogen in my muscles/liver from going very low carb past few days. At least that's my excuse :/

    109# snatch 3x5

    tabata pull ups with bands. FAIL

    Weighted pull ups 1x5, 1x4, 1x4 @22lbs FAIL

    30 push ups ala grease the groove

    breakfast: protein shake with coconut milk, 5x eggs, 10 pistacio halves

    Why TheFastCat has try be him??^^

    TFC must be more:

    Lunch: Iceberg salad with chickenx2 (provided by work) with Newman's own Blue cheese dressing (20%)
    Snack: leftovers of beef and broccoli from last night with two tablespoons almond butter
    dinner: 1lb grass fed hamburger + broccoli ; 1 pear. The pear tasted like the absolute best thing in the world. Haven't had fruit or anything sweet in well over a week.
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    yeah, you look good and solid. good idea not to get into the dysmorphia game. what a mess that is (and don't i know it. and so does my husband. he's worse than i am. makes me nuts. still, i will keep him.)

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    Fasted workout at 10 am

    25 minute met con - kicked butt

    snack - 3 tablespoons of almond butter

    then AMRAP in 5 minutes of GHD extensions and situps - did 178 between the two exercises

    worked on double unders and kipping pullups

    then weighted pullups 3x5 @22lbs
    then ring pullups 3x5

    breakfast is going to be 8 eggs, scrambled, a pear (nummy)

    3 hours cleaning the house

    snack - can of tuna in water

    tonight I have to go to some friends house to play games from 6-12 (or maybe even 1 am) -_-
    I wish I could just skip and go to bed at 8 :/

    but I don't like flakes so I do my best to never be one.

    edit: back

    so for dinner I stopped by whole foods and got:

    1 2lb spinach salad
    1 2lb chicken curry/coconut milk white fish curry mashup
    kombucha x3

    ate everything except a single kombucha for dinner O_O
    I ate slowly then took an hour break half way through the chicken but after an hour I still wanted to eat the rest - so I did! No discomfort or feeling of being too full (surprisingly). I know the weights on the food are accurate because that's what the scale at whole foods read for each when I paid for them. 4 lbs of food and not feeling too full. wow.

    so yeah it's 6 am and I just lost some weight so to speak. kinda upset that I'm not hungry enough to eat breakfast yet. Sunday morning is my ritualized 7 am breakfast at Snooze!
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    Dressed up in a tie and nice pressed shirt this morning (Sunday - my favorite day of the week - my rest day) as is my custom; makes the day feel even more fun and special!

    took the dog to the park at 7 for a walk then went for a drive. Got a decaf coffee with coco and cinnamon + a lil heavy whip then headed to the dog park for another half of an hour. Hit up the grocery store where TFC bought copious amounts of meat to complement the veg (asparagus and spinach) that I purchased yesterday. I love shopping when I am hungry because for the next week I am always very happy with what I have to eat!

    Since then I have just crashed at home. I love being lazy on Sundays. absolutely zero guild associated when I work my ass off the rest of the week! My body just collapses. I think I might have waited too long to eat yesterday. No worries.

    Ate first meal at 12:30 am today (that's a 16 hour fast): 8 jumbo omega 3+ eggs + green chiles .yummy. Next meal will be tonight at Jax where my friend is bar tending. Looking forward to more oysters and shrimp and red wine! Think I will try to take a quick cat nap right now.

    took a two hour nap. Holy jesus naps are better than sex.

    edit - back from dinner - had two orders of shrimp, order of east coast oysters, 2 glasses of red wine + 1/2 glass of white. Fun as always!
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    Fuck my life. Big old can of fail this morning @5:30am.

    Press - 3x5 120#
    dead lift 330# 1x3 FAIL
    310# 1x5, 1x4 -_-

    on top of that on my last rep of press I some how strained my neck. Limited mobility turning head to left or arching it backwards.

    did some weighted pullups 22# 1x6, 1x5, 1x4

    breakfast: pear, 5 eggs, coconut protein shake - omw to grab a few handfuls of blueberries

    I have determined I need to eat more. I'm going to re-add yams back to dinner. I'm *losing* strength at a rapid rate as I lean out. Not cool at all.

    Lunch: 20 buffalo wings fried in canola oil -_- went to a restaurant (Philly Cheesesteak) that co-workers assured me had salads and lots of options - well they didn't. I don't feel bad about canola oil (or breadless buffalo wings) on a macro nutrient fat&protein level, just nutritionally :/

    Went to the dentist today for my scheduled cleaning. New dentist so lots of x-rays and studying of my teeth (awesome dentist). My fangs look good as always although they noticed the precursors to gum disease going on. TFC explained that little nasties in my mouth helped toxify my fearsome bite to a greater extent - just like Smiley, Komodo Dragons and Gila monsters. Nonetheless the hygienist spent the better part of an hour underneath my gum line de-weaponizing my man eaters.

    snack: kombucha

    Dinner: 3/4 lb grass fed hamburger, spinach, onion chipotle stir fry
    3 pears (nom nom nom)
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    59 it all

    The attitude towards training and efficiency, eating....everything except one small detail.

    I can sympathize with all of your reservations with the dating site girl, except one. The fact she is a Canadian.

    If you are looking for insight on how to become the toughest, most tenacious cat possible, try spending some time North of the border. Do you have any idea how much intestinal fortitude is required to fill you vehicle with gas when it is -35 degress celsius? My garage/gym hovers around 23 Farenheit about 10 weeks a year. Kettlebells and dumbells are frozen hunks of lead that hurt to hold.

    Keep it up dude, the updates are inspiring....but for goodness sake, go easy on us beasts in Canada.

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    TFC appreciates Spun's shout out.

    I skipped the morning workout today on account of my neck. After yesterday morning it completely locked up and couldn't move it without pain. It's loosened up this morning- still restricted mobility and standing up sitting down hurts. but I want to wait until after my chiropractor appointment this afternoon before I lift again, maybe not until tomorrow. The way I have been lifting (terribly) kind of want to take a step back, eat and rest before doing my next attempt.

    have a massage tentatively scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

    going to IF past breakfast as long as I can this morning on account of not exercising this morning.

    B: 5 eggs, coconut milk protein shake
    L: beef jerky and spinach, glass of coconut milk
    S: leftovers from last night's dinner
    D: spinach salad with chicken and guacamole
    D#2: grass fed beef, onion, spinach; 2 pears

    I went to a friend of mine who is a chiropractor - fixed everything that was ailing me. Such a difference after adjustment -- all the muscles just loosen up and mobility is returned. Think I might make it a regular thing. Going back for a massage on Thursday.
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    Push Press 1x4, 1x4, 1x3 @120# FAIL (WTF)
    Ring Dips 3x5 @30#

    B: coconut milk protein shake, half a handful of almonds and pistachios
    L: Spinach and beef jerky
    D: (cooking now) - skinless chicken breasts diced along with onion, asparagus, two purple potatoes and plenty of olive oil. Will probably stew in a sauce once it is done. I also stopped by the grocery store and bought a few pounds of red pears that are already RIPE. I might pig out.

    Had a massage this evening.

    Amazing! My muscles feel so relaxed and loose right now! Sandy, TFC's rubber, commented what wonderful mobility and muscle tone he has. "Y TY VRY MUCH SANDY!" TFC said.

    Just a little sad that I need to pay someone to rub me down with oil. Hopefully that will change soon. In the meantime I am biding my time. Hiding the shadows. Growing Stronger. Waiting to pounce. etc.
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