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Thread: yom kippur fasting tips

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    Yom kippur, the Jewish day of attonement begins at sundown tonight. For those who choose to, it involves a 25 hour fast of no food or water.

    Does anybody have any advice on how to prepare for tonight's fast?

    I was thinking of upping my carb intake to fill my glycogen storage and help me retain water since dehydration is the hardest part of fasting for me.

    And for the other primal yom kippur fasters - have an easy and meaningful one!


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    Q: "Does anybody have any advice on how to prepare for tonight's fast?"

    A: Atone :-) ?????? ????? ?????

    From a nutritonal perspective, which is almost certainly what you meant, I see it as a simple IF. No need to load up on carbs, IMHO. Try to create your day so that you can rest if/when necessary. Although if one is inclied, IF alone can have a spiritual aspect, this is in its totality a fast for spirtiual/religious reasons. If one is focused on and mindful of the purpose, any challenge of the fast fades. (This presupposes a healthy person. People who can not physically fast should not do so.)

    Martial artists say the mind leads the body. Here, the spirit leads the mind.

    Have an easy fast, and may you be inscribed for a good year !

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