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Thread: Help with pregnancy cravings/aversions

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    Help with pregnancy cravings/aversions

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    Does anyone have advice on dealing with pregnancy cravings and aversions? I've been primal (including dairy) since early September, and am now early (8wks) in pregnancy with my third child. My husband and two toddlers are primal too, and I plan to continue eating this way throughout the pregnancy and beyond. But I'm having a wicked hard time with food aversions and cravings. If it's not fruit or a potato, I pretty much want nothing to do with it. And I'm honestly dreaming about eating white rice with butter and black pepper!

    While I never counted carbs pre-pregnancy, I limited fruit to about four servings per week, and potato or squash to once per week. I'm concerned about how many carbs I'm eating now, even though they're all primal carbs, just more than was typical for me.

    This will be my first primal pregnancy. With my first pregnancy in 2006 I ate with reckless abandon and gained 80lbs (yes, 80!). With my second pregnancy in 2008 I ate the "very healthy" version of the SAD (skinless chicken breast, oatmeal, fatfree yogurt, etc), and still gained 55lbs. I want to stay healthy, gain only what is medically necessary and eat only primal foods. But I'm having a hell of a time! Help a crazy hormonal pregnant lady out! Advice please!

    (Supplements - standard multi-vitamin, 400mcg folic acid, 2500IU vit D, 900mg DHA and EPA)

    Thank you!

    ETA - I'm starting this pregnancy at 140lbs, at 5'4" if anyone is wondering, after my comments about my previous pregnancy gains.
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    I'm of the philosophy that if it's not mounds of sugar, honoring your cravings is wise. Eat what you can stomach. If your worst cravings are rice and fruit, I'd say you're doing good.

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    Cheese and cream can help with cravings for some--and keep the carbs down.

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