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Thread: Has anyone Gained Weight going Primal/paleo page

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    Has anyone Gained Weight going Primal/paleo

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    Hi all - I recently made the transition to 'Primal' - and I have gained weight - very quickly. I have also been working out harder - and lifting more (I was a hard-core runner). The weight has come on so quickly - that I am sure it can't be muscle weight. Any thoughts? Has this happened to anyone temporarily? Like glycogen or water weight?


    Thanks so much.

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    Well, you're going to have to give more information than that. What have you been eating? How much do you weigh, and how tall are you?
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    I have gained muscle on this diet with exercise, but I'm leaner than I ever was before.

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    Nope, I've lost.

    Did you want to gain or was this an unwanted side effect? Are you male or female?

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    Whenever I pick up strength training after a long time off, I retain a shitload of water, and it takes it a while to come off.

    Other than that, I've only gained weight on the PB when I go waaaay off the this year's Hanukkah and Christmas indiscretions *shudders*
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