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    What veggies do you consider non-primal?

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    Besides the obvious ones like white/yellow potatoes (although I've heard a few folks say they eat them in small quantities) and corn, what other veggies do you consider non-primal?

    I'm thinking about sweeter/starchier ones like carrots, turnips, parsnips, yams, winter squash, etc. Do you eat them? What do you consider non-primal in the veggie dept for your WOE?

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    I eat everything you mentioned. Corn I limit a lot but I’m actually having some kernels today for lunch mixed with other frozen vegs and I’m not going to exclude them.

    White potatoes I eat sometimes, I like the taste but understand they’re inferior to their sweet counterparts or to yams.

    All these fit into my life because I like to be active and I like to exercise. I think a person following the primal WOF can do without, if they’re not exercising beyond what the PBF suggests.

    I do think that being “scared” of these tubers/starches is a bit silly. In moderation, I can’t see them derailing people’s efforts to lose fat (which is what most of us are after) and may even help if “used” properly, as in, post workout mostly, as a way to replenish glycogen stores in the muscles and have them be ready to lift another day.

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    as far as things such as 'carrots, turnips parsnips, winter squash' Mark talks about each of these explicitly ... no reason to think of any of them as non-primal ... ... he talks about Yams too... ... answer your questions the only 'vegetables' I consider to be not Primal are the ones we all know... Legumes... beans and the like... if you count them as veggies... 0.0

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    one way to look at it....if you were in the forest and came across parsnips and turnips and a lettuce head and collards....which would you pick, the biggest bang for the buck, the starchier roots (i dont think winter squash are primal, werent they made by mixing seeds by us?)

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    I think of all plants as primal - they just grow (aside from genetically mutated corn, which is the devil). My qualifier is whether or not it's in line with my goals for the reasons I'm being primal. So yams and potatoes may be natural and primal, but they still have too many carbs for the phase I'm in.

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    carlh...very well put...

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    corn is a grain, not a veg

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    I eat all of those. Corn - fresh corn in season and a few corn tortillas per week. Lots of small, orgainc potatoes.
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    um, green peas, I think are not primal, but...I eat occasionally. and some say green beans, but again...

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    You would consider not eating YAMS? Blasphemy!

    I loves me some yams.

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