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Thread: How do you recognize a food intolerance?

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    How do you recognize a food intolerance?

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    Many people claim they have some sort of food intolerance, but how do you figure out is actually a food intolerance??
    I eliminated eggs for about 2 month, today I had 3 yolks for breakfast and 30 min. later my stomach start rumbling, is that a symptom of a food intolerance or is just adaptation??

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    I, too, would be quite keen to find the answer to this one. Is there any truth to being overly gassy as an indication of food intolerance?


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    Define "rumbling." Was it an uncomfortable rumbling?

    As to your general query, inflammation in the joints (causing pain, of course), headaches, and stomach discomfort are the symptoms I usually read about with food intolerance.

    I'm sure others on the board, who have firsthand experience with successfully eliminating food intolerance of various sorts, will be of more assistance to you.

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    Skin irritation/redness/itchiness can be associated with food intolerances (borderline allergic, I suppose), but those are a bit more obvious.
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    I can't remember how our nutritional therapist put this, so forgive me for weird wording! When we said the family was having some weird reactions to eggs, she said they were very benign, and often very "cleansing", in a similar way to coconut oil. Usually you'll feel similar symptoms to when you first go off carbs, but if it doesn't go away in 1-3 days, you *might* have an intolerance. I know mine always start with slight symptoms and increase to symptoms close to going into anaphylactic shock.

    I always know there has been soy in something because my skin breaks out - but for other substances I get light nauseau, and for others severe almost debilitating substances. And sometimes they affect my mood more than anything.
    Elimination is always the best tactic, eliminate it for a few days, then re-introduce.

    When I went to restaurants, I couldn't figure out why I got a very slight stomachache after ordering a no-bun burger, sans cheese. When I finally got the courage to ask everything be cooked in butter, the stomachache went away

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    I would eat the reintroduced food for 3 times in one day, then drop it for the next 3 days as some reactions can be delayed. (Do not add any other new foods int hose next 2 days). See if you have gut issues, inflammation, rashes, headaches, etc. If you do have symptoms, I would lay off for another week or two and reintroduce again to verify.

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    When I went off grains back in Oct/Nov last year, and ate 1 bite of garlic and a bite of pasta, the next morning I woke up feeling hungover and I hadn't drank any alcohol. Took 2 day for this to go away. Not sure if that would be considered an intolerance or what. Haven't touched either since.

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    Immediately, the roof of my mouth sorts of swells and my eyes start to water. Later on, I will be mildly itchy all over and my face and eyes will be slightly swollen. If it's dairy (which I am not supposed to be eating, but love), my ears will itch the next day. Unfortunately, I have this reaction to a whole lot of foods that I didn't in the past. I'm being tested for leaky gut syndrome right now.
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    Some people use body temperature to check for a, taking your temp consistently to get a baseline and then checking it again so long after eating a suspect food.

    Personally, I have several reactions.

    If its an additive or some chemical, usually I get what I call 'heavy head', where I just feel slowed down and foggy sometimes within minutes of eating a suspect food.

    For food intolerance for me, like wheat, eggs, dairy, my stomach is usually the first indicator. 24 hours later the skin and muscles might also give me an indication (I have chronic muscle pain in my back). My stomach can get bloated, tight, or knotted feeling usually shortly after eating. When I was spending more time figuring things out, I could lay on my back when I went to bed and feel my abdomen and if I had eaten something it disliked that day it was tight to the touch and achy. I never get nauseous, so usually tightness or bloating are my big indicators. Some occasions I get congested.....eggs used to do this to me and I gave them up for 6 months, they seem fine now.

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    I was just reading about food intolerances in "The Fat Flush Plan" by Ann Louise Gittleman. She lists these things as possible indications of a food intolerance:

    Blurred vision
    Rapid heartbeat
    Skin rashes
    Joint swelling or pain
    Mood swings

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