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Thread: Looking for beef liver recipes

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    I have minced it fine and mixed it 50/50 with ground beef in meat patties. Also done 'organ chili' with liver and heart that was EXTREMELY well accepted. You could also grind it fine and make dumplings to have in a meat broth, sorta like duxcelles. Pate' might work, if the liver wasn't overly strong flavored. I do that alot with chicken livers (provided I can keep the raw ones away from the kitties--in thier bowls--or from the kid--cause she will eat them poached with salt)

    @maba--ohhhh wow! I am going to have to give that a try for sure!
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    Don't cook it too much if you want to preserve all the nutrients.

    I usually steam it very lightly, leaving it a bit bloody inside. Then I top it with salt/spices. I love the taste.
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    Neither DH or myself really cares for the taste of beef liver, but we know how good it is so we had to find a way to get it into our diets! We read somewhere (maybe it was Nourishing Traditions) to puree the beef liver and freeze ice cubs of it. Then take the beef liver cubes & put them in a plastic bag/tupperware and keep them in the freezer. Whenever we make a dish with ground beef, we pop a couple of the cubes into the mixture and can't even tell they are there.

    Recently we added beef heart to the liver mix and still can't tell its there. We do use grass fed beef which has a slightly gamier taste, so I don't know if that is why we can't tell the liver/heart is in there. The taste may or may not stick out more in regular beef.

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    My mom would slice liver fairly thinly (while it was still semi-frozen) and then she would sautee it in a pan. Once it was browned on both sides, she'd add beef broth and then simmer it until the broth became thick and rich. Similar to what a previous poster suggested except she served it straight up like that instead of adding it to soup or anything like that. It was awesome.

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    I love it raw, I eat grass fed bison liver, lightly saute some onion in butter, cut liver in bite size pieces, put onions on top and enjoy.

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