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Thread: Getting the hang of it now...

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    Greetings fellow Primalmates of the tribe Markapple in the Valleys and Hills of Gaia...(ok, I'm in a good mood

    4 kgs (down in 2 weeks. It took a friend to come and visit - he is of the same tribe, and much wiser. He and I love cooking and experimenting and he encouraged me and spurred me on.

    We shared good simple food - excellent steaks bought on sale at our best food shop - no hormones etc - and good red wine. Here I must tell you that a drink of water is replacing every second glass of wine and it's working.

    Not many vegetables, simple salad and beet greens, mushrooms, cream, a raw carrot. Carbohydrates come in the form of cheese, kefir yogurt lassi and greens. The 20% includes the odd cream sauce made with a little molasses sugar, honey or xylitol - a fruit or two a day...and much more water than usual.

    It is becoming easier every day.

    Be encouraged.

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    Awesome! I have been doing this since August 1st and it's finally becoming easier for me too. I think it's just about finding out what really works for yourself.

    And yes, I have found too that the simpler, the easier!

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    Hey MandyGirl

    Been gone for three days and had a great time. Succeeded with food...maybe not so much the wine...and came home with three gold stars for successful actions (or sometimes non-actions!)I am liking this more every day.


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