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Thread: Intermittent Fasting iPhone App page

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    Lightbulb Intermittent Fasting iPhone App

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    Hey All,

    I got this little application made for helping me with my fasts. Essentially you put in how long you want to fast for, and it calculates exactly how long you have left, how long you have been fasting for, and also adds it to your calendar.

    To get it, just search for IF Timer in the app store or click here!

    Also, here are some coupon codes that you can use so you can get it for free, each can only be used once, so get in fast! Hope you enjoy it.


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    where do you apply these coupons in itunes?
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    Wait, I’m sorry, no offense Primal Rob but are you proposing people pay for a timer?

    I can’t fathom somebody having a hard time figuring out when to end their fast, but I hope you sell a lot, and I’m not being sarcastic.

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    Maybe this would be helpful for some people, who like to have the psychological reward of seeing the numbers tick off. OR maybe people would want it just to have something that shows how "IF" is part of their identity/lifestyle. ??

    Personally, it would drive me nuts and I would never pay for such a thing. I am not going to add a 'no offense' qualifier to that statement. It is what it is.

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