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Thread: Muscle Spasms

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    Muscle Spasms

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    Early this morning I was awoken by muscle spasms near my anterior serratus that would not stop. Every two or three seconds my entire side would twitch. This went on for maybe 30 minutes and would not stop. It was a smaller muscle though (so more annoying than anything).

    Is this a potassium deficiency? I currently supplement with fish oil, magnesium, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, biotin but haven't had a banana for a few months.
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    Beet greens and mushrooms contain a fair amount of potassium. So do sweet potatoes. You don't need to eat bananas (I personally hate bananas unless they're smothered in peanut butter or battered and deep fried).

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    I'm not an expert, so I can't say what's causing your spams. You could try adding potassium to see if it helps. Sodium also plays a role.

    I have had crazy muscle spasms twice in the past year, both after carb refeeds. Both times it was in my vastus medialis (part of the quadriceps) and both times it was triggered by a voluntary contraction but after that it would NOT relax. I had to use my hands to bend my knee to try to force it to stop (which it finally did after a few minutes). My two theories are that it was potassium overload from all the sweet potato/winter squash or that the glycogen synthesis used so much intracellular fluid that it temporarily screwed my electrolyte imbalance in some other way.

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    Magnesium. When you up your D, you are all of a sudden absorbing way more of the calcium in your diet, and most of us get way more calcium than magnesium in our diets. Potassium/sodium balance can be it, too, but I would up the magnesium, first and see what happens. For me, muscle cramps were part of the "low carb flu" which passed with adjustment time and more attention to the magnesium.

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    Your post interests me because I eat low carb (c. 30g), and anytime I 'indulge' especially with sugar and have a higher carb day, I will get muscle spasms as you describe. I've wondered about this, and the electroyle imbalance you mention makes sense.

    It's the memory of those painful spasms that sometimes keeps me from eating higher carb, which I think is good occasionally (every month or 6 weeks).

    Since I'm finally at a maintenance weight, I'm thinking of slowly going higher in carbs (with good, primal stuff) so that I can possibly avoid this in the future.

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